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About Us

WIKIDS was created in 2019 by Nicki Thomson Giles.

'I love being around children and am passionate about fitness. I am now lucky enough to be combining the two! After the arrival of my second child and with a desire for a career change, I retrained and founded WIKIDS. Workouts Inspiring Kids.

My goal is for as many children as possible to be given the chance to benefit both physically and mentally from being active, and to enjoy the buzz that comes from all of those endorphins it triggers! I want to inspire them to want to be fit and healthy, not just through their childhood but for life, and show them that exercise is fun! The physical and mental benefits to children of exercising regularly are immense.  

I have designed WIKIDS classes to be accessible for all children, no matter what their ability. It is so important for children to have the opportunity to be active, express themselves, socialise and make new friends, all in a safe environment. In our classes we work on developing many skills such as balance, agility, strength, co-ordination, reaction time and speed along with other essential life-skills including teamwork, sharing, participation, problem solving and listening. Every class is different and designed specifically for each age group, with new games and activities introduced each week to keep the children motivated.

So whether you have a toddler or a teenager or a child somewhere in-between, I look forward to helping you to inspire your children to ensure that they have a fit and healthy future.'


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