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Welcome to WIKIDS

WIKIDS - Workouts Inspiring Kids. Our aim is exactly that, to inspire and motivate children in West Berkshire and beyond to want to exercise and participate in sport and fitness, and most importantly enjoy it.  With our range of classes and activities for children aged 2-15, WIKIDS helps children to get moving, be active and live healthier lifestyles.

Many children are not managing to complete the recommended daily levels of exercise. Some children are of course already active but want to work on their fitness to compliment other sports. We welcome children of all abilities giving them the opportunity to exercise in a fun and safe environment. 

Our children's classes in West Berkshire give kids a great workout, but are also designed to develop many essential life skills, supporting both physical and mental health.

Benefits include :

- stronger heart, bones and muscles

-weight management and increased metabolism

- improved motor skills including balance, co-ordination, strength 

- improved social skills

- boosted confidence and self-esteem

- better concentration, mood and quality of sleep 

- learn how to work as part of a team and co-operate, communicate and problem solve effectively

It is never too early to gain a love for physical activity! Bring your child along to one of our children's clubs in Kintbury, children's clubs in Hungerford or children's clubs in Newbury for a FREE trial!

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